The Gulf Cup Story




I heard too many stories about the idea of the gulf cup. But here is the real story and how it began

In the late 60s Sir Stanley Rous visited Kuwait as part of his campaign and he gave the idea of hosting a cup competition for the gulf region and he also offered a sponsorship from a cigarette company. They were ready to take care of everything but the Kuwaiti FA refused to be sponsored by cigarette company since its not the proper way to develop the sport and youth in the region.

Later on Kuwait national team visited Bahrain to play friendly guided by the team manager AbdulAziz AL-Mukhled he carried the idea to the Bahraini FA they loved it and called for a meeting between 4 FA’s Bahrain, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Ahmed AL-Sadoun represented the Kuwaiti side while the minister of interior represented the Bahraini side with 1 representative from each KSA and Qatar I don’t have their names at the moment.

They all agreed on the competition rules they all agreed on sponsoring the competition on their own (government wise) but the only problem was involving Qatar since their FA wasn’t official by FIFA. And finally they sent letter to FIFA and they agreed to let Qatar compete

in 1970 a new competition has been born and since then we have what’s it called The Gulf Cup



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