Irada Square


This is something i wrote back on the 22nd of sep. 2011

I’ve always believed that as long as i have Members of Parliament that represents me i won’t join any kind of gatherings (Tahalouf, Mangaf, Sabah AL-Nasser, AL-Safat Square, …etc) but after the latest bribes i can not see my country suffers and stand still.

What i saw yesterday was amazing. People that used to rubbish such act attended in first rows!! Why?? The answer is simple because we can’t take it anymore we’re fed up with our government since 2006 and we didn’t had any step forward. We used to lead and now we fail to follow. Our standings compared to fellow countries are decreasing we barely attract new investors! we barely build hospitals, schools, resident area’s and what’s the outcome? Overnight millionaires, locked in law’s, fake administrations based on wasta’s and indirect democracy hijacking.

Whats next? This is the time to create history this is the time to change this government and look forward. All what we’re looking for is “Leading Kuwait” just like the 50’s, 60’s and the 70’s. We want the life’s that our parents had!! better health care, better education and better daily basic’s.

Parliament members that sold their votes could listen to the highest bidder if we believe that the briber is from the inside what can insure us that they wont accept bribes from the outside?

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