ZwaiZ’s Ice-Cream


This is something new to the market we’ve seen cupcakes, cookies, salads, sushi’s ,…etc. but never home made ice-cream. After a very long time in the kitchen cooking for myself my family my friends and the loved ones the drive force behind me was so huge and i couldn’t resist not to take it into business. I’ve been working on this for quite time and finally the product is here. spreading random samples wasn’t easy n collecting opinions is the hardest job ever but after taking a tiny part at #shakshooka yesterday i am so glad and happy to say the ZwaiZ’s Ice-Cream is for sale now.


Because of my given sources here is how this will go:

  • ONLY Cereal Milk flavour available
  • Maximum order will be 2 jars (a jar = 250mil)
  • 2kd per jar for delivery
  • 1.5kd per jar for pick up

Special Thanks to @TheDietNinja without you this wouldn’t happen THANKS A MILLION :)




Place your order and ill get back to you ASAP




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