EPL Broadcasting in the ME



On the 23rd of June AL Arabiya posted on their website that Al Jazeera sport are in the lead to win the EPL broadcasting and branding rights in around $350m for three years from MP & Silva.

And that ADM have offered MP & Silva half of what they paid back then ($360m) when they won the rights for 2010-2013 rights.

Today a new twist happened when we were waiting for the expected announcement based on @koooraworld post on Instagram MP & Silva are still listening for bids and Al Jazeera Sport won nothing yet!! it is said that OSN are in the race with some national broadcasters bidding for their nation rights (Saudia, Iraq, Dubai and Sharqah) and nothing can be sorted until the last days before the EPL kicks off. The source also stated that we will only give exclusivity broadcasting if we got some crazy bid.

43 days left till the EPL kicks off and we’re still in the dark :(




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