its been a while




It’s been so long since i last posted something here first i was planning for my vacation and then i got busy after the vacation :P

I went to the states for 3 weeks it was more than fantastic we’ve been to NY, SF, LA and Vegas. we discovered new places new restaurants new adventures and yes i gained a lot of weight o:)

I’m so in love with NY not like last year where it was a waste of time feeling tired and just wanting to sleep. this year we rocked Manhattan walking around 13 miles a day!! yess and still i gained weight can you imagine :P

for this year the new places we went to were:

  • Havana Cafe
  • JG Melon
  • ABC Kitchen
  • Penelope
  • momofuku milk bar
  • Pastis
  • Beauty & Essex
  • Fatwitch Bakery
  • And ofcourse my 2 favourite Artichoke Pizza n Five Guys

So basically the trip was about eating eating and eating. This time we tried new Telecom AT&T and at least i discovered that it is better than T-mobil in the east but they don’t do pre-paid blackberry so i got T-mobil for my BB and we bought 4G router since internet was messy in our hotels and it worked perfectly saved our money cause its 2013 but hotel internet is ripoff.

Since we had to stay twice in NY first we stayed at Hudson Hotel its nice one i like it and then at the end of the trip we stayed at W Union square which is very nice in term of location except the bad experience we had with the check-in when we arrived

thats all for NY ill be back soon this time ;)